Today is the final day for submissions on the government’s Abortion Legislation Bill, and some parents of children with disabilities say they’re concerned the bill will lead to more abortions on the grounds of disability.

Parents of children with Downs Syndrome say attitudes have been changing since prenatal screening for disability was introduced about 10 years ago, and they’re afraid people with the disability are becoming more of a minority.

Proponents of prenatal screening and the new abortion legislation say it’s all about giving women information, and choice.

Rachel Price first got to know Eden had Downs Syndrome when she was born.

“I distinctly remember that conversation when it happened and I remember that change for us,” she said.

“Because we were so excited and so delighted, and then all of a sudden all our expectations and hopes just got ripped out from under us.”

Rachel says she only got over the shock because she knew an adult with Downs Syndrome, who put her fears to rest.

Now she has a confident 12-year-old schoolgirl, who, like plenty of her friends, plans on becoming a YouTube star.

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